Trust is a word that is overused. I am not saying that it should be completely abandoned. But when people use it as a synonym for understanding and valuing relationships, I question whether it’s still the right word to describe such an important characteristic. There are so many definitions of trust that it is a wonder to me that it has even gotten as far as it has. Trust simply means that two parties have to be in agreement about something before they can act on it. It doesn’t matter if that thing is all about money or something else entirely. If two parties don’t agree, there is no trust.

So why are we worried about this word? It’s because we have become so reliant on it that when we do see that another person is being too trusting, we stop them in their tracks. A friend that trusts you too much might throw their entire future on the line for you. They may not come back from a little illness but it won’t matter because you’ve done what you promised to do.

These things are just not important. There is no sense in watching someone on a road trip and leaving their belongings in the trunk. Even if they leave the keys in the ignition, you shouldn’t be letting them go that far. If you really need to trust them and they’re your best friend, it should be enough.

Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR)
When you register a .CA, you enter into a Registrant Agreement and you will be required to select a CPR category to show your connection to Canada. Here’s a few of the commonly-chosen categories: